Our service to you

Kelta HR's mission is to add value to the recruitment process by ensuring that indirect costs do not escalate when recruiting HR roles and Training positions in Sussex and Surrey.

Take a look at what is included in our standard levels of service. If you expect these to be automatically included when using recruitment agencies, then our experience tells us that they are not.

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Candidate Selection - This is What You Get

An experienced recruitment consultant who understands HR structures and HR role types.

We are confidently able to discuss, scope and understand the job level and the skills you are really looking for. We get under the skin of the job description and person profile and offer advice and a consultative approach throughout.

A client visit by your consultant, (wherever possible).

We are able to speak first hand to the candidates about the culture and workplace so that we can manage both candidate and client expectations and culture fit throughout the process

We interview our candidates.

We are able to evaluate which candidates would be most suited to this type of role and draw up a long list of applicants.

We have set up satellite interview sites across the region and also offer out of hour interviews.

We can offer you the use of our offices for your convenience or when a confidential hire makes it necessary to interview off site.

We check all professional qualifications and status of membership with the CIPD.

There is no misleading information about a candidate's professional qualification status or level of study.

We clearly brief prospective candidates about the role.

We only shortlist relevant candidates who are fully briefed about the role and are looking at this level. We make sure they have the right stretch and skill set and have evaluated that the role and organisation (including cultural fit) interests them enough to attend interview if shortlisted.

We do not inundate you with irrelevant or too many CVs.

We add value to your recruitment process with a shortlist of relevant CV's.

We are not simply acting as a CV portal and sending you "possible" candidates so that you have to spend a lot of additional time and frustration reviewing unsuitable CVs.

We manage all the response handling to any vacancy that we have advertised on-line on your behalf and acknowledge all candidate applications within 48 hours.

We do not just forward CVs of every candidate that expresses an interest in the role for you to sift through.

We provide a coversheet summary of the "consultants comments" to assist you when you come to making your choices for interview.

We evidence clearly the shortlisted candidate's experience specifically for the position being recruited - highlighting the main skills and relevant context of their experience.

We engage in salary discussions for the specific role with the candidate prior to submittal. We include the candidate's current salary and salary expectations on the cover sheet so that any decisions to interview are made in the full knowledge of these.

You do not need to waste time interviewing candidates who succeed in making a very strong impression throughout the various interview stages, but have expectations which are unrealistic.

Any job offer made will be within the candidate's expectations, rather than finding out at the end of the interview process that they want far more that you are able to offer.

Candidates are briefed prior to the interview and turn up fully prepared and engaged.

Both the interviewer and interviewee get the most out of the interview, as candidates are already really interested in the company and can commit to all the requirements of the role. This means a higher conversion of job offers to job acceptance first time.

We share post interview feedback with you and the candidate.

Your brand and reputation are protected and candidates have had a quality service and positive experience of your business even if they are unsuccessful.

We provide the successful candidate with an aftercare service.

We share any feedback we feel is important with you, so that you can take any necessary actions or be reassured that the candidate is settling well in their new role.

Candidate Attraction

Human Capital Management and Talent Management is at the heart of our business model.

We are constantly registering specialist and generalist candidates who are either living in the area, looking to relocate to the region, or can commute across the Sussex and Surrey borders.

Exclusive candidates - many candidates prefer to register with us exclusively.

As we have invested in our brand and have built an excellent reputation, you get access to candidates who have adopted a more strategic approach to their job search and have not registered with other agencies.

Access to referred HR professionals candidates from HR professionals.

We give you access to the best HR and L&D talent available


We are able to tap into passive talent for more specialised roles.

Virtual Networking

Using the latest social media tools available.

We follow the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 at all times.

We guarantee best practice in pre-employment screening.

Never submitting CVs without the candidate's knowledge and consent.

Transparent and competitive terms of business for permanent, contract, temporary and interim vacancies.

Your brand and reputation are protected by only using a quality recruiter.

You can be confident that the outcomes are measurably better because the inputs and outputs have been well managed throughout.

The HR Market Place

The HR market place is constantly evolving and based on supply and demand we can offer "real time" advice and intelligence on the HR market place in Sussex and Surrey. We benchmark salaries and current shortages or abundances of certain skill sets.

We Can Advertise Your Vacancy At No Additional Cost To You

We can write a web job advert for you to attract the more discerning HR candidates.
We can add your logo at no charge to the advert on our website.
We can post your logo to the advert on other online job boards and pass on our business savings to you at no mark up.