Assessment and Development Tools

Our BPS Qualified Associates can offer multiple profiling options by being trained to use a wide number of leading edge Psychometric Tools including 4G, Wave, OPQ, Hogan, SHL, 16PF5, and MBTI.

These assessment tools support informed decisions on recruitment, development, succession planning, promotion prospects, team balance or individual coaching needs. They evidence people's skills, talents, strengths, motivation, creativity and behavioural styles.

If you would like to take advantage of any of these tools or learn more about them then please contact us.

Saville Consulting Wave ® Professional

saville consulting

Designed to be used with experienced managers, directors and professionals on either an individual or group basis. This questionnaire measures motivation, talent and preferred culture. It is an ideal tool for recruitment, talent management, leadership and or team development.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator


MBTI is a great development resource and is especially recognised for team building and improved communication. It is designed to measure preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. It is the most trusted and widely used personality assessment in the world.

Hogan Personality Questionnaires


These are a suite of different tests that explore the bright side of personality traits that appear in social interaction, and the dark side derailers of normal personality. Hogan is able to measure these dysfunctional tendencies. Designed primarily for use in selection, career-related decision making and development planning.

15FQ +® Personality Questionnaire


An ideal recruitment tool to use pre-interview. It measures personality factors as well as emotional intelligence, team role, management and subordinate styles and an "attitude to work" scale. The report incorporates an interview prompt report on areas recommended to explore further at interview.



A tool that is used in relationship analysis and building, improved communication, career guidance, outplacement, talent development and coaching.

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Talent Management

Assessment tools are a powerful resource in Talent Management.

Talent Management...

  • Helps you to understand the strengths and motivations of your workforce.
  • Increases staff performance, morale and employees identity within your business.
  • Increases overall organisational effectiveness.
  • Enhances corporate image as a forward-thinking, dynamic place where superior talent would want to and do work.
  • Is a powerful, proven assessment of leadership strength and development needs.
  • Develops a supply of superior leaders.