Additional Services

We Are Not Professional Services But We Are Service Professionals

Our range of services have grown as our reputation has grown - we can offer and facilitate "value added services". Not all businesses can afford, or need to have in-house expertise on their permanent headcount as a constant overhead. Kelta HR is able to provide a scalable, on demand, one stop solution with a single point of easy access.

Any of the additional services that we detail below can be scaled and customised to individual clients needs. Competitively priced we will provide a cost on application.

Psychometric Testing

An affordable and valuable tool that provides insight, improves retention and talent acquisition as well as increasing your bottom line...

  • Are designed to provide a consistent and effective measure and insight of people's traits, abilities, skills and interests.
  • Provides the ability to measure characteristics and behaviors. This enhances decision-making throughout recruitment and selection, individual and team development, organisational change and career progress.

...Avoids costly mistakes

A Level A & B British Psychological Society (BPS) qualified professional will work seamlessly with the HR Department. Learn more

Talent Management

Human Capital Management is the DNA of your workforce. Recognising and nurturing talent and planning ahead to identify and develop future leaders and high performers from within your organisation is critical if you wish to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Develops individual potential while addressing critical business challenges and objectives.
  • Provides career mapping to identify optimum paths for future roles and functions.

A Chartered HR practitioner can design and manage customised career centres to fulfill the needs of developing staff at all levels and for successful team building. Learn more

Payroll Solutions - because payroll matters

Whether you need to payroll your temporary workers, or manage your payroll activities on a larger scale, the level of service is tailored to your needs, from tax and NI contributions to P45s and P60s. If you want an efficient and cost effective way to have your payroll completed off site whilst retaining all the benefits of an on-site service then contact us or view the website here.

Competency Based Interviewing (CBI)

Whatever role type and volume you are recruiting for, you can take advantage of an independent experienced CBI Practitioner to handle the interviews if you haven't got the time or expertise in-house. Request more information here.

Occupation Health checks

If you would like to take advantage of economies of scale and tap into reduced rates that we have set up with a qualified Occupational Nurse then simply contact us to learn more.

HR and Training Salary Checker

The HR market place is constantly evolving and based on supply and demand we can offer up to date "real time" advice and intelligence on the HR market place in Sussex and Surrey in relation to benchmarking salaries and current shortages or abundances of certain skill sets. So contact us to benchmark a HR or Training role against the proposed or current salary level.

HR Consultancy Services

If you need someone to provide hands-on HR support, acting as an outsourced HR department and giving guidance exactly when it is needed then contact us. We can arrange practical and commercial solutions with a partnering HR Consultancy who help companies resolve difficult employment issues effectively.

  • Comprehensive, practical support for companies that want to grow, both in terms of their people and their profits.

In Addition We Can Arrange...

A variety of management training courses to provide managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to maximise business performance, whilst reducing costs and legal risks. Contact us.

Employment Law Seminars

We are committed to investing in the HR community in Sussex and Surrey and allocate a minimum annual budget of £4000 to organise complimentary Employment Law Seminars and HR workshops for HR Clients across the region.

They are very popular and "sell" out quickly. Learn more and pre-register your interest

Health and Safety

We have teamed up with a Heath and Safety consultancy based in Sussex. They can offer a cost-effective, professional advisory service by a qualified practitioner to corporate enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, healthcare, government and educational facilities in both the public and private sectors. You can tap into their expertise for one-off projects, pay for consultancy services for an agreed number of days over a period of time to suit specific requirements, or they can help you manage your overflow work. Interested? Contact us here or view the website here.

Real Time Advice

The HR market place is constantly evolving and based on supply and demand we can offer up to date "real time" advice and intelligence on the HR market place in Sussex and Surrey in relation to benchmarking salaries and current shortages or abundances of certain skill sets

cloud concept

Free Employment Law Updates and HR Workshops

£4,000 minimum annual budget spend, re-invested back into the HR community to deliver complimentary events

Register for Future Events, Get notified of upcoming events